The Future of Netowrking and Socializing

Share you contact information in seconds, whether its friends, family, coworkers or potential clients you can easily and securly share your information with ease.

How it works

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Live Cards, a new way to socialize

  • Scan, Save, Edit and Share information in seconds!
  • Never have to purchase a business card ever again
  • Advantages of Using Live Cards

    End-to-end security

    We protect the information you share.

  • Lock your Device
  • Information is never directly saved within Cards or QRCodes
  • Edit information whenever you want!
  • Easy to control
  • Easy Accessable
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Live Cards is a networking platform that allows you to share information in seconds. With just a scan or tap of your phone you can share all of your contact information with friends, potential clients, or coworkers.

    Any person with the Live Card app can scan and save your information.

    Nope! The app is automatically free, but users can pay a one time 5 dollar fee to remove advertisments and more!

    99% of mobile phones have QRCode scanning capabilities and 95% of mobile phones have NFC scanning capabilities. You can see all compatible NFC devices HERE.

    With Live Cards none of your information is saved in the NFC devices or QRCodes scanned by other people! Your information is saved securly on a separate server, this information can only be accessed when your card is authenticalted with the Live Cards app! You can even lock your card if it gets stolen!

    Ignoring the fact that Live Cards are ecofriendly, you never have to purchase a business card again. Live Cards can be used infinitely and you can update your information in the Live Cards app with no extra cost!

    You can update your information in the Live Cards app at no extra cost!

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